Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome students! These FAQs will help provide answers to many commonly asked questions about hiring for our summer program. Feel free to reach out to us directly if your question is not answered here.

Q1. How many law students do you hire each summer?
We evaluate our hiring needs each year to determine the size of our summer programs in the offices where we host programs.
Q2. Do you hire 3L students for the following year?
While the majority of our entry-level class comes from our previous year’s summer program, we do, from time-to-time, hire additional entry-level associates to fill additional department needs.
Q3. Which offices hire summer associates?
Currently, our New York and Los Angeles offices host summer programs.
Q4. How do I apply for a summer associate position?
Each year, our attorneys visit a number of schools and job fairs across the country to recruit our next summer class. In the event that we do not interview at your school, or you are unable to secure an interview with us, we encourage all qualified candidates to apply directly to us by sending us your resume and transcript.
Q5. Is the summer program similar in size to other national firms?
Our summer programs tend to be smaller than other peer firms in major metropolitan markets. We believe that the smaller class size benefits our summer associates by providing greater and better opportunities to directly interact with a broad spectrum of partners and associates and allows for the opportunity to work on more substantive assignments than would be afforded to a larger class.
Q6. How long is your summer program?
The summer programs in both our New York and Los Angeles offices are 10 weeks long.
Q7. Do you allow split summers?
At this time, we do not allow split summers. We feel that it is important that a summer associate get to know us fully through the entire length of the program.
Q8. What specific qualities do you look for in candidates during interviews?
We are looking for candidates who are smart, driven, strong communicators, interpersonally savvy, dedicated to a high level of client service, creative thinkers and collaborative, and those that can work independently as well as effectively within a team. Candidates must have strong interpersonal skills, be effective communicators both orally and in writing, and demonstrate a record of academic excellence. Law review, journal and/or moot court experience are preferred. We encourage all candidates who believe they have the skill set and attributes we seek to pursue employment with us.
Q9. How will I know if I have been invited to the firm for a callback interview?
Students are contacted soon after the initial on-campus interview. Each student will be contacted by their on-campus interviewer and/or a member of the recruiting department. In addition, you will receive a detailed email with guidelines for scheduling your callback interview.
Q10. What should I expect during my callback interview?
If you are invited for a callback interview, you will be asked to contact our Legal Recruiting Department to schedule a mutually convenient date and time to interview. A typical callback interview will last approximately two and a half hours in either the morning or afternoon. During your visit, you can expect to meet with four attorneys (typically two partners and two associates) for 30 minutes each. You will also meet with a member of our Legal Recruiting Department.
Q11. What should I do if there are specific topics I would like to discuss during my callback?
If you are interested in particular practice areas or if you have questions that would best be answered by particular lawyers (e.g. women lawyers, lawyers of color, LGBT lawyers, former summer associates or lawyers who have recently joined the firm), please let us know. We will make every effort possible to accommodate your requests.
Q12. Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with interviewing?
If you are invited to the office, we will reimburse you for your travel-related expenses associated with interviews, or share them with other firms with which you may be interviewing. Reimbursable expenses include reasonable air or train fare, local ground transportation, hotel accommodations and the reasonable cost of meals associated with your travel. We do not reimburse expenses related to personal incidentals. Should you have specific questions about incurred expenses, please contact the local Legal Recruiting Department in the city you are traveling to.

If traveling from out-of-town, you will receive information that will contain a travel reimbursement form. Please use this form to list your out-of-pocket expenses and include all receipts when submitting your request.
Q13. When will I be informed of your decision on my candidacy?
Our Legal Recruiting Department makes every effort to respond to each candidate as quickly as possible. Our goal is to respond to all students within two weeks of their interview. If you have any deadlines of which we should be aware, please let us know. Candidates who receive an offer will be notified by phone and receive a letter. While we hope that you will be in a position to let us know of your decision sooner, in accordance with NALP guidelines, you will have 28 days to consider your offer.
Q14. I have an offer, but I still have questions. What should I do?
If you are extended an offer to join the summer program, you will be invited to return to the office to meet with additional lawyers. We strongly encourage you to take us up on this invitation to ask more questions of both our attorneys and the recruiting department. We are happy to arrange a second in-person visit or for you to speak with additional attorneys via phone.