Stroock Standards

Communicate. Collaborate. Achieve.

We at Stroock commit to these standards—formed from our culture and fueling our future.

Integrity. We are honest, open, and constructive in dialogue with each other. We keep each other informed, are accountable to one another, and treat each other fairly.

Quality. We are our clients’ trusted business advisors, and deliver to them the highest quality work product with the best possible service.

Collaboration. We support and highlight the contributions of others over ourselves, and we strive to exhibit high energy, camaraderie, good judgment, and empathy, with little room for ego and plenty of room for humor.

Trust. We build lasting, constructive relationships—both internally and externally. This takes time, listening, and open and honest communication, along with mutual respect and personal responsibility.

Personal Growth. We foster personal and professional growth for all; we mentor and provide a setting for each of us to build a long and rewarding career here; and we aspire not only to achieve significant business success but also to be professionally fulfilled,personally valued, and continually inspired.

Individual Freedom. We allow for and enjoy the freedom to shape our individual practices and careers within a professionally managed and business-like environment; and we believe that we are strongest when we are diverse and inclusive, celebrating both our individual differences and our overall commonality.

One Firm. We act as one firm, value teamwork and collaboration, and share in our success together. We act collectively to make decisions in the best interest of the firm as a whole; and we close ranks behind those decisions and work in common to act on them.

Stewardship. We value and sustain our firm’s longevity, and we make decisions designed to leave Stroock stronger than it was when we joined it. We owe it to the firm to act in accordance with these norms, to teach future generations their value by example, and to constructively take issue with any failure to uphold them.