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Our lawyers bring decades of experience in federal and state privacy compliance, litigation and enforcement, most recently including the seminal California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the New York Department of Financial Services’ (DFS) and other states’ escalating privacy activism nationwide.  Global market leaders and innovative entrepreneurs – across sectors as varied as online and mobile services, retail industries, and financial products – have entrusted us with their highest-stakes matters in the privacy domain.

Employing results-oriented strategies, we have counseled our clients on pivotal legislation and rulemakings, developed pragmatic compliance solutions, and consistently prevailed against government enforcement and private litigation in the ever-evolving privacy arena.  Our lawyers’ representative experience includes:

  • Successfully resolving a multistate attorney general investigation and multidistrict federal litigation arising out of the data security breach, including negotiating and obtaining court approval for a unique settlement structure.
  • Leading a telecom industry leader’s internal investigations and defense against concurrent data breach investigations by the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Justice Department, Congress and state attorneys general nationwide. We successfully closed all investigations with zero liability, averted legislation, revamped the client’s compliance system and attained incorporation of its key principles in the revised privacy regulations.
  • Counseling multiple clients across industries, ranging from insurance, to retail, to online and financial services, on both preventive measures and responses to major data breaches.  Our work spans negotiating contracts for risk management in the event of data security incidents and privacy litigation, to guiding our clients’ crisis management, media strategy and notification of customers and governmental authorities in response to data breaches.
  • Advising a top mobile carrier in launching geolocation-based mobile apps.  We developed a new privacy compliance and consumer consent framework for our client, coordinated with trade associations to develop voluntary industry privacy standards and averted related government investigations and regulation.
  • Developing comprehensive CCPA compliance programs and defense strategies for clients across a diverse range of industries.  We conduct data inventories; develop privacy notices, policies and procedures; build processes for tracking personal information and handling consumer requests; update data retention policies; and manage third-party relationships, including negotiating contract amendments to ensure compliance and take advantage of applicable exemptions.
  • Defending a global financial industry leader against private litigation filed on the heels of the CCPA’s January 1, 2020, effective date.