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Our litigators, nationally recognized by Chambers USA, The Legal 500 and Benchmark Litigation, represent clients in a range of complex disputes, appearing in federal and state trial courts, appellate courts and before public agencies and arbitration tribunals throughout the country.

We are focused on finding cost-effective solutions, including engaging in pre-litigation dispute resolution, and providing on-going counsel on minimizing transaction litigation risk and the evolving regulatory environment.

Our team includes a former Attorney General of New York, former federal and state court judges, former prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s office, former commissioners of New York City regulatory departments and former lawyers for state and government agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Many of our litigators are former judicial clerks of federal and state trial and appellate courts.

Our litigation team also advocates for vulnerable groups and civic, charitable and nonprofit entities, as well as indigent persons, in federal and state courts through our award-winning pro bono program.


Gregory Jaeger

Special Counsel

Washington, DC


Alan M. Klinger

Co-Managing Partner

New York


David W. Moon

Special Counsel

Los Angeles


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