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Our team equips employers with the knowledge required to effectively meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing workplace environment and complex body of employment laws.

We take a risk-management approach, focused on identifying potential problems at the outset to avoid expensive litigation.

Our team has deep experience and knowledge in areas as varied as mergers and acquisitions, discrimination and harassment, diversity, wage and hour laws, restrictive covenants, discipline and discharge, employment and consulting agreements, and compliance with federal, state and local employment laws.

We regularly review existing employment practices, develop policies and procedures, and conduct a variety of training and seminars on employment-related topics. We also provide services required by unionized clients.

Additionally, amid a sustained national focus on workplace sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, we maintain a team including a former federal judge that conducts expert, tailored investigations while providing other anti-harassment guidance.

When necessary, our top-notch trial advocates represent clients in state and federal courts in civil  and criminal proceedings, and before administrative and regulatory agencies in enforcement actions.