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With decades of experience representing clients in acquiring, selling, developing, managing and reorganizing properties using the condo and co-op forms of ownership, our clients are well-positioned to use these structures to their greatest advantage.

Real estate is frequently acquired and held using the condominium form of ownership for the various advantages it may offer over other structures. This is true for all property classes, whether commercial, industrial, residential, mixed-use or other. Even large-scale residential properties in New York City, traditionally organized in the form of a cooperative, have more recently been organized as condominiums. Our lawyers have experience in the development of traditional and mixed-use condominiums, helping many of our clients use the condominium form of ownership as a vehicle for the financing, development and ongoing ownership of property.

We also act as general counsel to boards of directors who are responsible for the management of some of the most prestigious and high value residential condominium and cooperative properties in New York City. We work with boards and managing agents in all aspects of property operations. When necessary, we represent the interests of our cooperative and condominium boards in court. Our lawyers also litigate disputes involving the Cooperative and Condominium Abuse Relief Act; board of directors proxy contests, derivative suits and breach of fiduciary duty claims; shareholder disputes; unit transfer and transfer tax disputes; and proprietary lease issues.

Areas of Focus

  • Condominium Plans for Developers
  • Condominium Analysis for Investors
  • Cooperative and Condominium Board Representation
  • Cooperative and Condominium Litigation


We draft offering plans for many notable buildings in New York City, including:

  • Ritz-Carlton, on Central Park South
  • The Chelsea Mercantile, Millennium Point
  • West Perry Condominium
  • The Park Imperial

We offer legal guidance to prestigious cooperatives and condominium boards such as:

  • 535 Park Avenue
  • The Sherry-Netherland
  • 950 Park Avenue
  • The Pierre
  • The Carlyle

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