“A Guide To Greenhouse Gas Regulation – June 2007 Update”

As expected, May 2007 marked a busy month for developments in the greenhouse gas (“GHG”) regulation and climate change arena. At the federal level, three bills (two of which are comprehensive bill packages) emerged from their respective Congressional committees and are awaiting debate and vote by the full Senate. Meanwhile, five new bills – ranging from the initiation of low-carbon fuel standards to the creation of a national greenhouse gas registry – were introduced in both the House and the Senate. Even the President, who generally has taken a muted approach to climate change issues, entered the fray and issued an executive order directing federal agencies to regulate tailpipe emissions.  

California, with its attempt to obtain a federal waiver to regulate tailpipe emissions, rules for a baseload power generation standard, and regulatory actions clarifying how mandatory reporting of GHG emissions in 2008 will occur, also has moved ahead with GHG regulation and climate change efforts, as have Washington, Minnesota, and Florida.  Regional developments have continued, as have market-based GHG developments.   

Clearly, there has been no shortage of legislative, legal and other newsworthy developments during the past month. This Stroock GHG Regulation Update sorts through those developments, summarizing the most relevant information concerning GHG regulation through the end of May 2007.

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