Professional Staff

Our professional staff are integral to the sustained success of our firm, and that has never been more true than it is today. We count on our professional staff to keep us moving forward, so we seek out individuals who are proactive problem solvers, creative and strategic thinkers, and of high character and integrity.

We know how important our professional staff is to our future and we show it. We invest in our staff through professional training and development programs, offer competitive pay and benefits, and most importantly, actively cultivate a collaborative, entrepreneurial and meritocratic culture. If you are looking for your next challenge, take a look at our current opportunities and then let’s talk.

  • What they think.

    “Working at Stroock is something dear to my heart not because I was able to work in a reputable law firm with renowned lawyers, but because I was able to immerse myself among true professionals. Every day I learned something new about how I should conduct myself in every walk of life, even the walks of life I thought I was too young to think about.”

    — Ekok

  • What they think.

    “Being an intern in the Information Technology department made me realize I could see myself in this field, where I plan on studying engineering in college.  I think what made this experience unique was that everyone at the firm was so welcoming, where they made me feel part of the team. I felt I really made an impact in the firm.”

    — Tiffany