Intellectual Property

With a well-established record of enforcing and defending intellectual property rights, Stroock’s intellectual property litigators counsel clients involved in disputes over patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights before state and federal courts, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the International Trade Commission.  Our clients range from individual inventors and emerging businesses to large domestic and multinational corporations.  We represent companies whose businesses center on high-technology innovations, as well as traditional businesses with little or no technology.  Client industries include electronics, optics, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology, medical devices, financial services and trading, consumer products, food products, refining, manufacturing, textiles, fashion, publishing, digital rights management, entertainment, multimedia, retailing and a variety of service industries. Our patent attorneys are actively involved in litigating cases, both on behalf of clients asserting patent rights and those defending against charges of infringement.  We also counsel clients concerning trademarks, trade dress, trade names and domain names worldwide, as well as a variety of related matters, including litigating cases for both plaintiffs and defendants involving trademark and trade dress infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, dilution of famous marks, product copying and domain name disputes in the United States and abroad.  We have also enforced our clients’ copyrights in the United States and abroad, as well as defend their rights against claims of copyright infringement.


Attorneys in this Group

Jason M. Sobel Partner New York

Jason M. Sobel
New York