A company’s intellectual property portfolio is a key factor in determining value, so properly securing and maintaining intellectual property rights is an indispensable business practice. This is true for all businesses today, from large multi-nationals to emerging technology companies in fields such as software, the Internet, communications, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

While many firms are able to procure intellectual property rights, Stroock attorneys excel at keeping a client’s intellectual property portfolio in line with its business objectives and the competitive landscape. Stroock intellectual property attorneys provide a complete range of patent, trademark and copyright procurement services for a vast array of businesses and technologies, including telecommunications, life sciences, civil, electrical, chemical and computer engineering, business methods, chemistry, computer science and networking, electronic media, mechanical devices, consumer products, electronic trading platforms, financial instruments, GPS and radio frequency identification, tracking and sensing systems, the Internet, medical devices, mechanical systems, medical telemetry, nanotechnology, optics, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors.  Our patent lawyers’ technological backgrounds include electrical, mechanical, computer science, chemistry and biochemistry engineering, and many of our attorneys have industry experience in these fields or experience at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.