Stroock’s entertainment attorneys provide broad counseling and litigation services to corporate clients as well as individual members of the entertainment business.  Stroock’s practice touches virtually all areas of entertainment, intellectual property and media-related law.  We have extensive experience in both dispute resolution and high-profile trial and appellate matters. Stroock attorneys regularly work with clients at the inception of projects and throughout their evolution and production in order to minimize the risk of future litigation.  Stroock’s goal is to bring its considerable experience to bear to protect entertainment clients from the burden of litigation.

We have significant expertise in:

Privacy and Publicity Rights.  Stroock has litigated virtually every facet of privacy and publicity law, with particular emphasis on cases involving rights of publicity, i.e., the use of an artist’s name, voice or likeness for commercial gain.

Video and Audio Recording.  As a complement to its practice in the areas of privacy and publicity rights, Stroock attorneys have nationwide expertise in issues relating to surreptitious video and audio recordings, having represented several clients involved in various aspects of hidden camera and audio recording.

Intellectual Property.  Stroock has a leading intellectual property litigation practice, including in the areas of patent, trademark and copyright protection and infringement.  Our attorneys have represented artists and companies in all aspects of Lanham Act litigation, including issues of false attribution and incomplete accreditation, trade dress, likelihood of confusion of infringing marks, trademarkability and more.

Defamation.  Stroock has one of the preeminent defamation practices in the country.  Stroock attorneys have represented numerous public figures, celebrities and corporations in defamation litigation throughout the country and abroad.  Our defamation and media attorneys bring decades of experience to the firm’s entertainment practice and get results for our clients. 

California’s Anti-SLAPP Statute.  With its profound effect on entertainment and media litigation, Stroock attorneys have become experts in California’s anti-SLAPP statute, a law addressing so-called SLAPP suits or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. 

Trial and Appellate Practice.  Unique in the industry, Stroock’s entertainment litigators have extensive trial experience.  They have tried cases before state and federal juries, judges, arbitrators and administrative agencies with impressive results.  In addition, the group has a long and impressive record in the appellate courts on defamation and entertainment matters, having published opinions in numerous cases. 

Our litigation experience for entertainment clients also includes:

  • Class Action and Unfair Competition Law
  • Profit Participation
  • Idea Submission
  • Film Distribution
  • Syndication
  • Film Delivery Disputes
  • Personal Services