Election and Campaign Finance Law

Stroock’s Election and Campaign Finance clients include corporations, trade associations, labor organizations, political committees, and individuals. We advise clients on federal, state and local campaign finance laws, including pay-to-play / lobbying laws, restrictions on gift, travel, and entertainment contributions and compliance with organizations such as the Campaign Finance Board.

We also provide guidance to individuals holding or seeking elected positions, whether in the executive, legislative or judicial branches of government. We assist them in complying with the laws and rules governing their behavior and governing ethical and legal standards.

We advise financial service industry participants, including commercial banks, investment banks and investment advisers, comply with recent complex pay-to-play rules governing certain political activities, and offer customized ethics and political law compliance programs and training to such organizations.

We represent high-ranking public officials in federal, state and municipal government, as well as judges and judicial assistants who were investigated, prosecuted or required to give testimony in various proceedings.