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August 7, 2006

By: Joel Cohen

Paul Drake wore Brooks Brothers suits and crisp white shirts. Never secretly taped a witness. Never solved a witness’ reluctance with a handful of cash—the perennial solvent of reluctance. No improper payback from a “contact on the job, downtown” who owed him a “solid” for favors past. And forbidden eavesdropping? Not a chance! Why would he need to? He was, after all, the ace investigator for television’s Perry Mason, the only criminal lawyer with no guilty clients—so why would the venerable Mr. Mason need to rely on a private eye who resorted to sleaze or worse? “Truth, Justice and the American Way” were enough to unearth the facts and spring the innocent. Those were different times (an age before Google and the many (often, free) services now available)—a time of innocence, indeed.

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