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September 27, 2021

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP has cut the virtual ribbon on its Real Estate Fast Forward an immersive microsite that invites visitors to explore firm news and industry updates via interaction with various assets along a fictional streetscape.

With much of the world remote from March 2020, many developed serious video-meeting and virtual-event fatigue by early 2021. Stroock’s Real Estate team was no different and wanted to fill the void left by the absence of pre-pandemic mingling.

How could they still connect with clients and contacts? How could they inform and engage – but also interrupt the monotony of online workdays with some whimsy and creativity? Voila! Real Estate Fast Forward was born.

“The pandemic changed how we grow and nourish professional relationships, and we think our virtual downtown is a fun but still meaningful way to reimagine the ways in which we interact,” said Real Estate Group co-chair Brian Diamond. “Our relationships – both internal and external – are among the most important elements that make Stroock what it is. With this new platform, we hope to engage, inform and amuse in a new way.”

Real Estate Fast Forward leverages a third-person point-of-view interface that allows visitors to the virtual downtown to stroll the street while taking in the sights. Interactive elements on the Stroock street transport visitors to podcasts, Tweets, press releases, videos and other content focused on recent industry developments, real estate trends and firm news, such as the expansion of its hospitality practice, involvement in the Queensboro FC stadium development and client-lauded CycleBar lease deal.

“We are real estate lawyers and definitely not video game gurus but we really enjoyed building a fanciful space for friends of the firm to spend a few minutes learning about our latest news and issues we’re seeing in the market,” said firm and Real Estate Group co-chair Jeff Keitelman.

“We have been connecting virtually as much as possible,” Keitelman added, “but we really strived to create a platform that allows us to reach out in a different and unique way. While we take our clients and our work very seriously, we definitely have a sense of humor about ourselves and thought this was a fun option.”

In this first of four installments, the September release lands visitors in the bustle of New York City. The journey will continue with releases themed for each of Stroock’s other office locales – Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C.

The Stroockie sense of humor is fully engaged throughout the microsite. With “Lavan Loans” and “Jeffrey Diamond Brokerage” (a compilation of the co-chairs’ names), the site offers plenty of clever quips and chuckles for alert visitors. Stroock is also showing appreciation to its travelers with a sweet treat for those who venture forth.

“When considering ways to connect with clients and other industry leaders outside of standard and stale virtual meetings, we initially conceived of something along the lines of an interactive map,” said chief marketing and business development officer Trish Lilley.

“After a few days, several virtual meetings – and no, the irony isn’t lost on us! – and many cups of coffee, the Fast Forward concept emerged,” Lilley said, adding that several design agencies struggled with the project before the firm found one that brought the concept to life.

Stroock invites readers to put on their virtual walking shoes, boot up the computer, find a comfy seat and experience Stroock’s Real Estate Fast Forward. Immersion in the Stroock streets is best enjoyed on a desktop or laptop computer (but visitors can swing by on mobile). 


Jeffrey R. Keitelman

Co-Managing Partner

Washington, DC


Trish Lilley

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer

New York


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