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April 22, 2016

New York, NY, April 22, 2016 -- Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, as part of a team of law firms representing families of American victims of terrorist attacks found to have been sponsored by Iran, announced that in a 6-2 decision the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a judgment allowing families of victims of the 1983 Marine barracks bombing in Beirut and other terrorist attacks to collect nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian funds.  The Court ruled in favor of more than 1,300 relatives of the 241 U.S. service members who died in the Beirut bombing and victims of other attacks that courts have linked to Iran.
Since 2008, Stroock has represented plaintiffs who have been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for death and injury suffered in multiple Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks.  The firm has prosecuted five separate cases in the United States and overseas to find and recover Iranian assets to pay the judgments awarded to its clients against Iran and the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security.  In this action, Stroock was involved in all aspects of the litigation, from the briefing and strategizing in the District Court, to the preparation of the appeal and argument at the Second Circuit and in assisting others with the briefing in the Supreme Court.
“We are gratified to have won this final judgment for our clients, some of whom have waited for over 25 years to recover against Iran for the terrorist attacks that killed or injured them and members of their families,” said Curtis C. Mechling, a partner in Stroock’s Litigation Practice Group.
“We are pleased that we were able to assist our clients in attaining compensatory damages as it has been a very long and emotional process for them,” noted James L. Bernard, a partner in Stroock’s Litigation Practice Group.
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