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Spring 2017

Stroock Reports – Public Employee Law

By: Alan M. Klinger, Dina Kolker, David J. Kahne, Arthur J. Herskowitz

Welcome to the Spring 2017 issue of Stroock Reports – Public Employee Law.  
Our cover story –“With America’s Attention on Supreme Court Nominations, Congress Pushes Federal ‘Right-to-Work’ Bill” – provides an analysis of recent attacks on agency fees and developments in the federal and state legal landscapes that are threatening or protecting such fees.  This issue also reports on the developing Supreme Court jurisprudence regarding free speech in the public employment sector, and addresses the implications of attempts to amend the New York State Constitution with so-called ethics reforms, the status of the soon to be implemented Paid Family Leave law, the NLRB’s recognition of the right of teaching assistants in private universities to organize, and whether the City of Miami can unilaterally reduce the wages, pension benefits and other economic terms of employment of police union members because of a declared “financial urgency.”
We are pleased to provide this issue to our public sector union clients, government relations clients and other friends of the firm.  Let us know if you find the material informative.
Alan M. Klinger
co-managing partner
Dina Kolker
special counsel

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