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October 29, 2020


Each year, Stroock’s national Financial Restructuring Group is at the forefront of the nation’s largest restructurings. The past year has been no exception. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the group has become one of the busiest creditor-focused practices in the country, as noted by Debtwire.

Stroock was ranked the fourth most active lead counsel firm so far this year in the bond/loan sector in the September Debtwire “Restructuring Advisory Mandates” report, which ranks advisers by the total number of representations announced and has listed Stroock for eight consecutive months. 

Stroock’s national Financial Restructuring Group was credited for its 22 engagements as lead counsel in the bond/loan space and 27 total engagements thus far in 2020. 

In February, Stroock was the top U.S. firm listed in the “new lead counsel” table in this report, and it was the top year-to-date firm in the bond/loan category in March. 

Stroock’s national Financial Restructuring Group has extensive experience representing sophisticated financial institutions in their role as creditors, equity holders and new money investors/lenders in high-profile and complex bankruptcy matters. The group routinely plays a part in the nation’s largest restructurings.

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