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January 5, 2021


In an article for Legaltech news that discusses how the pace of technology will continue to accelerate in 2021, Stroock partner Stephen Newman comments on the AutoTech industry and the regulations that will be put in place to govern the use of these new technologies.

“The big trend for 2021 and beyond is AutoTech. Almost every vehicle today depends heavily on computer technology to manage many automotive systems, not just entertainment and navigation systems visible to the driver. Technology is used to manage flow of fuel through the engine, to operate automated driver assistance systems like lane warnings and automatic braking, and to assist with diagnosis and repair of vehicle damage. Massachusetts’ recent adoption of a Right to Repair law may spark a nationwide trend in requiring manufacturers to allow open access to vehicle systems for hobbyists, vehicle owners and repair shops. Similar trends also may occur in other industries, particularly with Internet-of-Things devices. Broader access to the underlying technology will enable purchasers of devices to ‘get underneath the hood’ more readily to adapt such devices to their own particular needs.”

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