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May 27, 2021

As we did last year, we find ourselves this spring grappling with bias-based violence and hateful rhetoric. Over the past week, anti-Semitic attacks and hate speech have been on the rise in our country and across the digital universe. As a firm with its roots in New York’s Jewish community and one that has consistently supported non-violent conflict resolution, we are pained by these attacks that have origins implanted far too long in our national and world history. As we did when we witnessed the massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, we wholeheartedly denounce these attacks. 
Bigotry knows no bounds. Our commitment to social justice, to non-violent conflict resolution and to racial, gender, sexual orientation and cultural parity must not either. Changing minds and hearts takes hard work, difficult conversations and perseverance that must be invested and employed again and again as we move toward a more inclusive and just society. 
We know we possess differing views on all manner of issues – political, social and religious – but we firmly believe that we can conduct ourselves with dignity and respect each other as human beings even while holding vastly varying perspectives. 
We fully condemn the recent and continuing attacks on Jews, Muslims, Asians, Blacks and other diverse members of our society. Condemnation only takes us so far, though, so we will continue to invest in anti-racist leadership training and in diversity and inclusion efforts for our community – all with the goal of creating a diverse, inclusive environment where all feel welcome, valued and safe. 
We will persevere, and we believe right will win in the end.