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April 26, 2016

By: Jerry H. Goldfeder

Need  a break from the cries of a “rigged” GOP convention or questions about the loyalties of 715 Democratic Party super-delegates?  You are in luck.  HBO’s President Selina Meyer is back!  On Sunday, the network premiered its wildly popular show VEEP, starring Emmy Award-winning Julia Louis-Dreyfus as its wacky and irrepressible president locked in an electoral college tie.

For the uninitiated, the show, now in its fifth season, offers an inside view of presidential politics with a heavy dose of high jinx. To bring you up to date:  Selina ran for president in Season 1, tanked in the polls and joined the ticket as Vice President; the president resigned in Season 3 and she took over the top job; last season, Selina ran for the presidency in her own right, and the season ended on election eve with her having a  lead in the popular vote but only 269 electoral college votes – one vote shy of the required majority.   As President Meyer’s advisers patiently explained, when no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, the US Constitution provides that the leader of the free world is chosen by the House of Representatives, with each state having one vote.  As fortune would have it, last season ended with control of the House “too close to call.”

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