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January 25, 2021

Legaltech news

In an article that discusses how law firms say only a few adjustments to their cyber training should keep cyberattacks at bay as lawyers and law firm staffers blend work and personal spaces, Stroock CIO Neeraj Rajpal notes how Stroock’s cybersecurity training has largely remained the same with additional reminders to be “extra careful” when working remotely.

“The bad guys have to be lucky once, we have to be careful every single day or hour,” he said. “For us, we are constantly monitoring and reminding people of what they should or should not do. Keeping it extra vigilant. It’s nothing to do beyond that. We take security so seriously, nothing really has changed. Just nuances [such as] home electronic devices.”

Read the article in Legaltech news.


Neeraj Rajpal

Chief Information Officer

New York