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June 1, 2021


Join veteran election lawyer and adjunct professor Jerry Goldfeder for Election Connection, a weekly podcast that helps cut through the jargon to better understand your voting rights.

Airing on NPR’s Fordham University affiliate WFUV, each week Jerry will raise a current national or local election question or issue to bring clarity to your rights as a voter.

In his latest “Election Connection” podcast, “Ranked Choice Voting,” Stroock lawyer Jerry H. Goldfeder explains ranked choice voting. Using actual examples, Goldfeder takes us through how it works and shares his thoughts on what ranked choice voting means for primaries and special elections for city offices in New York and how it may impact election outcomes. 
Listen to the podcast here.

In his podcast, “The Texas Jungle Primary,” Jerry H. Goldfeder demystifies the electoral process with a look at how different states handle elections of legislators and members of Congress. Listen here.

In episode 19, Jerry provides an overview of the efforts to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom and the background of the recall as a direct democracy measure. Listen here.

In episode 18, Jerry provides an overview of the filibuster and how it may prevent the passage of the new voting rights legislation, HR1. Listen here.

In episode 17, Jerry discusses how Congress can override voting restrictions put in place by the states. Listen here.

In episode 16, Jerry addresses the proliferation of voting restrictions by many states. Listen here.

In episode 15, Jerry discusses how certain state legislatures are intent on imposing laws that may adversely affect democratic procedures. Listen here.

In episode 14, Jerry discusses the idiosyncrasies of the impeachment trial process. Listen here.

In episode 13, Jerry discusses the processes for handling vacancies in the House of Representatives and Senate. Listen to the episode here.

As the House of Representatives gets ready to send the Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump to the United States Senate on Monday, January 25, 2021 in episode 12, Jerry provides a refresher on the process. Listen here.

In episode 11, Jerry breaks down the 25th Amendment, discussing in detail how it would work. Listen to the episode here.

In episode 10, Jerry discusses reviewing our Constitution and laws to see what reforms are required to ensure that no one candidate or political party can interfere with the smooth workings of a peaceful succession. Listen here.

In episode nine, Jerry discusses how the United States Supreme Court has issued an opinion dismissing Pennsylvania Republican’s lawsuit challenging the election results in their state. Listen to the episode here.

In episode eight, Jerry discusses how the presidential electors are due to meet on December 14 to vote for President and Vice President of the United States, with Vice President Pence meeting in joint session with both the House of Representatives and the Senate on January 6 to tally the votes. Listen here.

In episode seven, Jerry discusses our nation’s history of peaceful transitions and how President Trump will leave office when his term is up. Listen here.

In episode six, Jerry discusses Georgia’s two undecided United States Senate positions and the impact of those decisions on the Senate. Listen to the sixth episode here.

In episode five, Jerry discusses the vote counting process. Listen here.

In episode four, Jerry discusses waiting on line and the thrill of voting. Listen here.

In episode three, Jerry discusses the many challenges we face due to the massive number of mail-in ballots. Listen to the third episode here.

In episode two, Jerry addresses why every vote matters. Check out the second podcast.

In the first episode, with President Trump diagnosed with COVID, what happens to voting if he — or Joe Biden — becomes too ill to serve? Listen here to find out.