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March 6, 2020

While the White House continues to promote a deregulatory agenda, a handful of influential states, including California, Massachusetts and New York, are pushing back with their own new and expanded programs. First out of the gate with the most comprehensive regulatory framework is California.

This multimedia Resource Page contains a select collection of our alerts and other materials involving the California Consumer Privacy Act and related areas.

Our Financial Services Litigation, Regulation and Enforcement lawyers are closely following these developments, and we will update this page accordingly. Our team is well positioned to answer your questions about the evolving privacy arena and your compliance obligations and exposure.


Charging Into the New Decade: A Look at California’s Expansive Regulatory Moves
In this webinar, Stroock partners Julia Strickland, Stephen Newman, Arjun Rao and Quyen Truong — former Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — discuss the expansive regulatory plans of California and other states. The discussion includes the proposed new Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act, and enforcement trends under the Unfair Competition Law, California Business & Professions Code § 17200.


Data Privacy, Retail & Consumer Goods: A Roundtable Discussion

Stephen Newman and Quyen Truong explore the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act on the retail and consumer goods sector in this roundtable discussion, published in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Stroock Special Bulletins

California Consumer Privacy Act Proposed Rules: Modified to Recognize Business Realities?
Quyen Truong explores the California Attorney General’s modification of the proposed implementing regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act. Many of these revisions reflect greater understanding of business realities, Quyen writes, while some others provide more specificity to simplify compliance and increase certainty for businesses, but also impose more limits.

Future of Federal and State Enforcement Against ‘Abusive’ Acts
Quyen Truong looks at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent policy statement on its ‘abusiveness’ standard, discussing how it is likely to affect both the CFPB’s and the states’ supervisory and enforcement activities against ‘unfair, deceptive and abusive acts and practices’ (UDAAPs) in the future.


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