Feedback and Offers

Immediate, candid and continuing feedback is an integral part of the summer program experience. Summer associates are evaluated on each project by the attorneys with whom they are working. We recognize that feedback, both formal and informal, is critical to the learning and development of our summers. That is why, in addition to written evaluations, attorneys are encouraged to give oral feedback directly to summer associates both during and following the completion of an assignment. Summer associates receive a formal evaluation during the summer, conducted by a key summer program partner.

Additionally, summer associates have one-on-one weekly meetings with a member of the recruiting team. During these meetings, we discuss feedback we receive, but also look to this as a time for our summer associates to provide us with feedback on how their summer experience is going.

Summer associates are notified of offer decisions at the conclusion of the program. Offers are made with consideration given to the summer associate’s area(s) of preference and our anticipated staffing needs.