American Conference Institute’s 10th International Advanced Forum on Run- Off and Commutations

Stroock Partner Michele Jacobson will be speaking at American Conference Institute’s 10th International Advanced Forum on Run- Off and Commutations. The conference will be held April 21-22,2015 in New York, NY.

Ms. Jacobson will participate in the panel discussion "Run-Off and Commutation Hurdles Associated with Asbestos, Environmental Issues, Workers’ Comp, and Other Long-Tail Claims." The panel will provide detailed discussions on:

  • Assessing the possibility of commuting long-term exposures
    • Which parties are willing to negotiate a commutation of these exposures?
    • How to increase the likelihood of engaging in a successful commutation of these exposures
    • Valuing a commutation when a number of uncertainties exists
    • Factors that can make asbestos commutations difficult:
      • Number of occurrences
      • Number of locations
      • Determining what the triggers are
    • Factors that can make workers’ comp commutations difficult:
      • Medical inflation
      • Jurisdictional issues
  • Engaging in a successful commutation with a company in liquidation
  • Allocation issues associated with long-tail claims
  • Best practices for managing long-term exposures in the absence of a commutation
  • Challenges that can arise when there is an underlying ongoing business
  • Considerations for insurance companies when transferring a book of business to a reinsurer
    • Reputational concerns
  • Issues that can arise when a reinsurer is no longer dealing with the original cedent and vice versa
  • Overcoming the hurdles associated with decades-old legacy books
  • Best practices for managing lines of business with which the company does not have much (or any) experience
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