PLI's Bankruptcy & Reorganizations 2014: Current Developments

Stroock partner Lewis Kruger will be speaking at PLI's Bankruptcy & Reorganizations 2014: Current Developments Conference April 28-29, 2014 in New York, NY.

This event assembles a faculty of bankruptcy judges and leading practitioners who will provide attendees with a thorough analysis of hot topics and recent decisions and how to strategically respond to them.

Attendees will learn:

  • Current market; legislative and legal developments; new Fee Guidelines
  • Stern v. Marshall, Bellingham and subsequent appellate cases - drastic implications for bankruptcy and reorganization cases?
  • American Airlines, ResCap, Hostess, MF Global, Lehman, Madoff, Tousa; Vitro
  • Structured and complex finance developments - repos, swaps, forward contracts, derivatives, SPVs - see MF Global and Lehman
  • Corporate governance and the powers and duties of DIPs and of their boards; D & O liability, insurance and damage issues - Deepening insolvency
  • How to recognize ethical issues and avoid missteps in your bankruptcy and reorganization cases;
  • Controversies on sales of assets free and clear under Sections 363 and 1129 and bid procedures and protections - Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, River Road; Clear Channel and progeny
  • New developments regarding unsecured and secured claims and labor issues; "Make Whole Premiums"
  • Defenses to voidable preference attacks, including new value and ยง 546(e)
  • Fraudulent conveyances, LBOs and safe harbors; section 546(e), valuation issues; in pari delicto and Ponzi issues and defenses; Madoff Appeals
  • Executory contracts and leases - structuring, assumption, rejection and 365(n) cases
  • Enforcing Intercreditor agreements, subordination and related litigation issues - West Point Stevens, Ion Media; Boston Generating; StuyTown; Euro Directories
  • New developments on plan proposals, lock ups, contested disclosure statements and confirmations of a plan
  • International and cross-border insolvencies, inbound and outbound - Chapters 11 and 15

Mr. Kruger will be speaking on the panel "Potpourri of Current Market Developments in Chapter 7 and 11 Business Cases - American Airlines, ResCap, MF Global, Lehman, Hostess, Madoff, Vitro, et al." at 9:15am on the first day of the conference.

Mr. Kruger will also participate in the panel discussion "Ethics in Diverse Bankruptcy Practice Areas" at 1:45 on the same day.

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