Bloomberg BNA Webinar "Loyalty Discount Pricing: Competition Enhancing or Exclusionary?"

Bruce Schneider and Stephanie Cournoyer will be participating in the Bloomberg BNA webinar "Loyalty Discount Pricing: Competition Enhancing or Exclusionary?" on November 13, 2013.

The faculty for this program will define ways of analyzing the likely effects of a particular strategy and suggest ways of tailoring its terms to avoid antitrust liability. Antitrust practitioners and in-house attorneys who counsel companies on sales strategies will benefit from the program.

Educational objectives will include ways to:

  • Learn when discount pricing is competitive and permissible and when is it exclusionary and unlawful.
  • Find out whether pricing can be above cost and still be unlawful.
  • Understand how the strength of a product affects the use of discounted pricing.
  • Discover how to allocate discounts in different sales contexts.

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