IMN's ABS East Conference 2013

Stroock will be a sponsor of IMN's 19th Annual ABS East 2013 Conference October 6-8, 2013 in Miami, FL.

The ABS East agenda will feature intensive panel discussion on a variety of topics including:

  • Intensive, Interactive Investor Workshops
  • Identifying the Major Global Macro-Economic Risks on the US Securitization Markets
  • The Future of Mortgage Funding and the Impact of GSE Reform in the US
  • Legislative and Regulatory Developments and How They Will Shape the Landscape of the US ABS Market
  • Outlook for Consumer ABS including Autos, Credit Cards, Student Loans and Transportation Finance
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance Overview
  • State and Local Level Policy Initiatives and Private Label MBS Revitalization
  • Esoteric ABS
  • ABS Litigation Update
  • Extensive CLO Market Coverageā€¦and more.

Stroock partner Richard Fried will be speaking on the second day of the conference. Mr. Fried's panel, "The Transparency Debate: Aligning Investor and Issuer Interests," will focus on:
  • How much disclosure is too much? Finding the sweet spot to satisfy investors without alienating issuers
  • Is the demand for more transparency good medicine, or are the side effects more dangerous than the treatment?
  • The European Datawarehouse: Is it adaptable to the U.S.?

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