DealFlow Media's Life Settlements Conference 2009

This program has been approved in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Legal Education Board. CLE Credit will be granted to attorneys.

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The Life Settlements Conference, hosted by DealFlow Media is the largest investor event of the year. Hedge fund managers, providers, brokers and attorneys gather in Las Vegas for three days of technical training and unprecedented networking opportunities.

If you are interested in the secondary market for insurance products, this conference features the most complete curriculum in the business. Filled with industry professionals, legislators and regulators from around the country, you won't find this education anywhere else.

Conference Topics:
- Looking Ahead to 2010: An Overview of Current Legislation
- Federal Oversight: Is Increased Regulation of the Market Coming?
- Disintermediation: Are Intermediaries Being Squeezed Out of the Market?
- What to Consider When Purchasing Distressed Portfolios
- Florida: What's Behind the Tension between the Settlement Industry and Insurance Regulators?
- Life Expectancies: Best Practices to Improve Reliability
- Exploring the Synthetic Market and Longevity Swaps
- Exploring Recent Credit Ratings Downgrades: Will This Scare Off Investors?
- Transparency: Information Imperatives for the Evolution of an Institutional Asset Class
- Hedging Longevity Risk
- Internal Revenue Service Tax Rulings: Impacts on Consumers & Investors
- Overseas Investment: Where Is the Money Coming From?
- Litigation Update: How the Latest Court Rulings are Shaping the Market
- A New Day for Securitization: The Power to Attract New Investors
- Securities Class Actions Trends: Lessons Learned & What to Expect

Micah W. Bloomfield, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Internal Revenue Service Tax Rulings: Impacts on Consumers & Investors
Industry representatives are concerned about the implications of two Internal Revenue Service tax rulings, and some say they have created more questions than answers. This panel explains the rulings, which cover four areas, and have resulted in mixed results for sellers and investors.

Thomas R. Weinberger, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Workshop #4:
The Challenges of Complying with State Laws & Regulations: Incorporating the New Regulatory Landscape Into your Business
As we head into 2010, the Life Settlements industry prepares itself for another active legislative year. Legislators continue to propose laws and regulations that will affect the industry. This workshop provides a unique perspective on how companies can cope in this ever changing environment, and how to incorporate new regulatory framework into your business.

- Overview of State Laws & Regulation
- Disclosure and Transparency
- Privacy Issues
- STOLIS: Are They Still a Concern?