New York: Media Information Exchange Group's The Legal Side of Digital Media

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The Legal Side of Digital Media: What you need to know to sort out the emerging legal issues surrounding the distribution of content on digital platforms.

This month, we will discuss the emerging and outstanding legal issues created by the growth of digital media and the ways entrepreneurs and leaders of digital media businesses can and should prepare to handle them.

The transition from hard-copy objects like vinyl records to digitized bits of information like MP3s has prompted an upheaval of business models, the law, government policy, and social practices associated with the use, distribution, and control of digital media. The dramatic expansion of this new media segment has created a legal minefield related to issues such as intellectual property protection and infringement, user generated content and user interaction, online safety and privacy, advergaming and virtual currencies.

Lawyers, policymakers, and industry leaders, are scrambling to understand and set guidelines for the every changing issues that are the nexus where business, technology and law meet. Their actions and decisions will have long-term impact on not just digital media law, but the entire digital media industry. Leaders of digital media companies need to understand and prepare to handle these legal challenges.

Ian G. DiBernardo, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP