DealFlow Media's International Life Settlements Conference 2009

Click here for the official conference website and registration form. (London, England)

European interest in the secondary market is soaring, and global investors are behind a steady flow of capital into the U.S. Life Settlements market. The International Life Settlements Conference is the largest International event for investors, investment bankers, hedge funds, providers, brokers and attorneys who are active in the business.

You'll get two full days of education and the opportunity to network with the most influential group of professionals from around the globe.

Conference Topics:
- The Convergence of the U.S. & European Markets: An Investor's Perspective
- How to Realistically Price Distressed Portfolios
- Life Expectancies: How They Have Evolved
- The Need for Innovation: The Future of the Secondary Market
- The Emergence of Synthetic Instruments
- The Continuing Effort to Regulate Life Settlements: Critical Elements for Investors
- The Infrastructure of a Life Settlement: Managing Risk & Return
- The Emergence and Future of Reverse Equity Transactions
- Keyman Insurance Policies: New Source of Cash for Companies
- Investment Risks Associated with Life Settlements
- Traded Life Insurance Policies Funds: An Overview of Past Performance
- Litigation: An Overview of the Major Cases and How They Impact Life Settlements
- Aggregating Life Settlement Portfolios
- Fixed Life Settlements: Securities Transactions?
- An Investment Managers Perspective: Discovering Value in the Life Settlement Market
- Pristine Origination: Picking Your Partners in a Confusing Marketplace
- Tax Aspects of Life Settlements
- New Tools: Correct Settlement Pricing Hinges on Appropriate Life Expectancy Underwriting

Who Will Attend:
- Investment Bankers & Advisors
- Hedge Fund Managers
- Life Settlement Companies
- Attorneys
- Securities Investors
- Service Providers & Brokers
- Producers
- Premium Finance Companies
- Mutual Fund Managers
- Pension Plans & Endowments
- Family Office Managers
- Regulators
- Insurance Companies

Thomas R. Weinberger, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Pristine Origination: Picking Your Partners in a Confusing Marketplace
Although life settlements as an asset class is a global phenomenon, virtually all of the physical assets are dollar-denominated polices on U.S. citizens. Where do they come from, and how does the process of origination influence the value proposition for both sellers and buyers in the secondary market for life insurance? This panel examines the structure of distribution in the primary life insurance market, the role of agents and independent marketing groups, intermediation, transparency, regulation and pitfalls for policy origination.