Baruch College - Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute's Real(i)ty Show! The Green Leasing Toolkit

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Change is on the way!
Leases can be modified. The leasing process can accommodate change. Requirements for greater energy efficiency, coupled with financial self-interest, will bring change, making green leases commonplace. To equip commercial property owners and managers, tenants, brokers, and attorneys to adopt green leases now, we’ll examine core issues:

- The physical reality. Worst-culprit money- and energy-wasters in large commercial buildings, and the costly disconnect between a building’s operators and its financial managers.

- The financial & tax case. Who loses under conventional leases, why transparent metering is crucial, and what tax advantages can be realized.

- The legal tools. Green lease terminology and specific lease provisions.

- The negotiation skills. Successful techniques, with a mock negotiation that illuminates key green-leasing issues and how to resolve them.

Jacob Bart, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP