The Society of Actuaries 2009 Investment Symposium

This program has been approved in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Legal Education Board. CLE Credit will be granted to attorneys.

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The 2009 Investment Symposium features sessions on asset class, financing and investment risk management, and investment strategy, showcases some of the industry's top investment and insurance professionals as presenters, and offers several networking opportunities. This symposium is for investment, finance and risk management professionals who work in and for the insurance industry.

Who should attend:
Portfolio managers, risk managers, investment officers, analysts, quants, investment actuaries, corporate actuaries, or someone who needs a detailed knowledge of how investment decisions impact a company's financial position.

Boris Ziser, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Securitization of Exotic Assets
What's an exotic asset these days? At one time, ABS, CDS and CDO dominated the market as the newest inventions. Today, even more unusual assets are being securitized, namely life-contingent structured settlements and shipping receivables. This session will discuss:
- A description of exotic assets;
- Why securitizing this type of exotic asset is lucrative;
- Modeling, pricing and structure of exotic assets;
- Potential sellers (not just structurers) of this type of structured product (who wants to lay off this risk);
- Potential buyers of this type of structured product, including buyers of different tranches; and
- Requirements for rating agencies to offer ratings.