Platts 5th Annual Utility M&A Conference

Click here for the official conference website and registration form. (New York, NY)

Attend Platts 5th Annual Utility M&A Conference Conference for the opportunity to question high-level panels of utility, financial, and regulatory M&A players about foreign investment in U.S., spin-offs, infrastructure funds, joint venture partnerships, the impact of climate change, and renewable energy M&A.

Hear M&A Industry Leaders Discuss:
~ Foreign interest in acquisitions of U.S. utilities — Manage unique regulatory and financial risks
~ Divestiture of spin-offs and consolidation around core business
~ The role of infrastructure funds
~ Joint venture — Partnership for growth — How do these partnerships evolve?
~ The impact of climate change — Will company valuations change?
~ Renewable energy M&A and its impact on the power and utility industry

Richard Madris, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

The Role of Infrastructure Funds