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"Having an AOC Affinity Group at Stroock has greatly enhanced informal mentor-to-peer relationships that are so important in assisting members with their career paths. Being able to discuss issues affecting attorneys of color specifically has provided us with an opportunity to highlight and inform about those issues in our firm and the legal industry more generally."

TaLona Holbert & Kingsley Nwamah

"Stroock LGBTQ has continued to go from success to success in 2019. We have strengthened alliances, increased membership and continued to spread awareness around issues of diversity and inclusion."

Arthur Herskowitz

"The LA Women’s Group continues to provide an intimate mentoring space and important networking opportunities for the office’s women attorneys. We’ve enjoyed learning from the work and experience of our group’s more senior members and discussing our ideas regarding the future of women in law. We hope to continue to foster career development and understanding among the broader office and the community at large of issues affecting women and underrepresented groups in the legal community and business world."

Loryn Arkow

"Our Working Families Affinity Group is here to provide additional support to those of us with family responsibilities outside the office. For both staff and attorneys, we’ve been able to share challenges and strategies (and some funny anecdotes). It’s great to be able to have this resource here at Stroock, and we look forward to continuing to support each other."

Kim Pagotto