Disability Rights

Since the firm’s founding, “public service” at Stroock has meant using our license as attorneys to benefit the greater good, particularly by delivering legal services to neighbors in need. This guiding principle is evident today in the work we do on behalf of persons with disabilities. Our efforts primarily focus on children and families struggling with two entrenched bureaucracies: the NYC Department of Education and the Social Security Administration. We have advocated for dozens of families of children with disabilities who have been wrongly denied either a fair opportunity in school or the basic benefits to which they are entitled. Without counsel, these families are all too often systemically disenfranchised. Stroock pro bono counsel dramatically improve the odds. A win in these apparently small but high-stakes matters can be transformative for the families we advise.

Stroock attorneys have also written important amicus briefs to various federal Courts of Appeals arguing against inappropriately narrow local interpretation of federal statutes meant to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. We also provide counsel directly to organizations whose purpose is to provide for and advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities. Recently, we successfully settled a multi-year litigation over fair housing opportunities for persons with mental disabilities.

This work, which requires careful navigation of a web of federal and state laws and regulations, has made our attorneys more aware of the power of the law to correct injustice, restore dignity, and create opportunity.