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The firm is delighted to host a talented, diverse and accomplished group of summer associates in this year’s summer program. We are excited to welcome these summer Stroockies and look forward to their contributions to our community. 

Nicole Chan

New York | 212.806.1230

Cardozo School of Law, J.D. 2024
Stony Brook University, B.A. 2019

Nicole Chan callout photo

Fiona Hathaway

New York | 212.806.1235

New York University School of Law, J.D. 2024
University College London, M.A. 2019
Durham University, B.A. 2016

Fiona Hathaway callout photo

Melissa Holihan

New York | 212.806.1243

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, J.D. 2024
Boston University, B.A. 2018

Melissa Holihan callout photo

Batya Kemper

New York | 212.806.1255

New York University School of Law, J.D. 2024
Barnard College, B.A. 2020

Batya Kemper callout photo

Danica Murthy

New York | 212.806.1271

Cornell Law School, J.D. 2024
Cornell University, B.A. 2022

Danica Murthy callout photo

Mirrah Papovsky

New York | 212.806.1284

Boston College Law School, J.D. 2024
University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.A. 2021

Mirrah Papovsky callout photo

Noah Ramirez

New York | 212.806.1288

Chicago-Kent College of Law, J.D. 2024
University of Washington, B.A. 2019

Noah Ramirez callout photo

Jeff Ross

New York | 212.806.1302

Columbia Law School, J.D. 2025
College of William and May, B.A. 2020

Jeff Ross callout photo

Rachel Straub

New York | 212.806.1309

Emory University School of Law, J.D. 2024
Cornell University, B.S. 2019

Rachel Straub callout photo

Audrey Wainwright

New York | 212.806.1312

Fordham University School of Law, J.D. 2024
Texas State University, B.S. 2018

Audrey Wainwright callout photo

Jake Carlis

Los Angeles | 310.556.5807

LMU Loyola Law School, J.D. 2024
New York University, B.A. 2019

Jake Carlis callout photo

Yan Sun

Los Angeles | 310.556.5811

UCLA School of Law, J.D. 2024
Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. 2021

Yan Sun callout photo