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Inclusion and Equity are core values that are embodied both in our ongoing efforts to become more diverse as a firm and in our commitment to serving the legal needs of a diverse community. Our internal efforts are manifest in our Diversity and Inclusion Council and Affinity Groups and our external efforts are manifest in our award-winning Public Service Project (PSP). We believe these efforts benefit our lawyers, our firm, our community and our clients.

The PSP provides a broad array of legal assistance, concentrating on underserved and under-resourced communities in New York City, and also is a national leader in disaster recovery and innovative collaborations. Our lawyers, at all levels and in all practice groups, work side-by-side to bring practical solutions to individuals and communities often denied access to justice and equal opportunity.

We remain one of the few firms whose efforts are led by a full-time pro bono partner – our Public Service Project Director – who sits on our Diversity and Inclusion Council and also acts as a resource to our Affinity Groups. We seek complementary ways to create opportunity and nourish talent, both inside and outside the firm.

We work with many leading public service organizations, such as LIFT, Sanctuary for Families and Her Justice to serve and protect women, children and families. We also mentor young people of color and support important educational and vocational options throughout New York City, working with nonprofit success stories like Rocking the Boat and Legal Outreach.

We believe that an inclusive workplace and a commitment to the broader community are essential to providing the highest quality legal services and maximizing opportunities for personal and professional development. We consider it an ethical obligation to rise to the occasion.