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What specific qualities do you look for in Summer Program candidates?
We are looking for candidates who are smart, driven, strong communicators, interpersonally savvy, dedicated to a high level of client service, creative thinkers and collaborative, and those that can work independently as well as effectively within a team. Candidates must have strong interpersonal skills, be effective communicators both orally and in writing, and demonstrate a record of academic excellence. Law review, journal and/or moot court experience are preferred.

How long is your Summer Program?
The Summer Programs in both of our New York and Los Angeles offices are 10 weeks long, beginning in mid-May and running through July.

Do you allow split summers?
At this time, we do not allow split summers.

Is the Summer Program similar in size to other national firms?
Our summer programs tend to be smaller than other peer firms in major metropolitan markets. We believe that the smaller class size benefits our summer associates by providing greater and better opportunities to directly interact with a broad spectrum of partners and associates and allows for the opportunity to work on more substantive assignments than would be afforded to a larger class.

How is your Summer Program different from others?
We look directly to our summer associates for ongoing feedback throughout the summer. Each of our summer associates will have a regular, recurring meeting with a member of the recruiting team. As a result of those meetings, we engage in a regular dialogue and are able to make appropriate adjustments during the course of the summer as needed. We ask all of our summer associates to participate in a survey and a feedback session, asking about all aspects of the Summer Program, to ensure that we are thoroughly evaluating our Summer Program each year in order to refine it for the following year.

Will I have a mentor?
Each of our summer associates is assigned three mentors: a partner mentor, a senior associate-level mentor and a junior associate-level mentor. Mentors play an important role in our summers by helping them better integrate into the office in which they are located and to provide ongoing professional guidance during the summer. In addition, our summers will have access to a writing mentor. The partner and associate mentor pairings may be based on practice group interest, a common background or interest, or a special connection made during the interview process. Our partner and associate mentors are not only available to talk with their mentees and advise them, but often work directly with them at some point during the summer.

Do I have to choose a particular practice area at the beginning of the summer?
No. While you may have an idea of the practice(s) you’re interested in, our summer associates are encouraged to explore opportunities in a variety of practice areas throughout the summer, if they are so inclined.

Do summer associates rotate through departments?
We do not have a formal rotational system. Instead, our summer associates let us know the practice areas they want to get experience in. Subject to availability, and ensuring that work is distributed equitably and fairly, our summer associates are allowed to take on assignments from as many different practices as they like. Our summer associates typically work on assignments from many practice areas and may have assignments from multiple practice areas at any given time.

What types of assignments do summer associates receive and how does the process work?
We believe that the summer experience should provide as realistic a view as possible of what it would be like to practice law with us full-time. The summer associate program provides a great learning opportunity, and we strive to provide assignments to our summers that are substantive, relate to ongoing client matters, offer practical exposure to our clients and practices and that mirror work a junior associate would perform, including research, drafting and observational opportunities.

Prior to the beginning of the Summer Program, we survey our summer associates regarding a number of areas, including their practice area preferences. This helps us to solicit assignments that are in keeping with each summer associate’s preferences. Two of our lawyers, one in litigation and one on the transactional side, act as work coordinators throughout the course of the summer. These two individuals, along with the recruiting department, are tasked with ensuring that each summer associate receives a range of assignments in a number of practice areas and has a meaningful and substantive overall work experience.

Can I participate in pro bono projects as a summer associate?
Absolutely. We have a dedicated pro bono partner who oversees our pro bono efforts and our Public Service Project.

Will I receive feedback on the assignments that I complete?
Yes, we provide feedback formally at the mid-point and at the end of the Summer Program. In addition, our summers will receive informal feedback on an ongoing basis from the attorneys with whom they are working, our assigning attorneys and the legal recruiting team.

Are there training and other related educational opportunities during the summer?
We provide our summer associates with a robust training curriculum, which starts during the first week of orientation with introductory programs geared towards helping them be a successful summer associate. Our formal training programs include, but are not limited to, legal writing, introductions to our various practice areas, professional skills development, diversity and inclusion initiatives, marketing and business development, and the economics of a law firm. Our mock trial and mock negotiation workshops provide hands-on training opportunities to our summer associates. Our summer associates are also invited to attend CLE programs, and the regular department luncheons and meetings our practice groups host.

What opportunities do summer associates have to meet attorneys at the firm? Are there social activities?
While the specific events vary in our New York and Los Angeles offices and from year to year, our summer associates are provided with the opportunity to attend formally organized cultural and social activities that will allow them to get to know the various members of the office in which they are working.

Activities in New York have included cooking classes, private museum tours, movie nights, baseball games, bowling, cocktail receptions, and a private dinner at Bouley Botanical with a guest appearance by David Bouley.

Events in Los Angeles are frequently hosted by partners and have included a Mexican fiesta, wine and cheese tasting, sporting events, horseback riding through the Hollywood Hills and bowling.

In addition, our organized events are often supplemented by department-sponsored gatherings and other informal grassroots efforts.

Are partners accessible? Will I have regular partner contact?
Our summer associates routinely have the opportunity to work with partners on a variety of matters. In addition, we encourage an open door policy to enable frequent interaction with all lawyers. Each summer associate is provided with a partner mentor and many of our partners participate in our trainings. Our social opportunities also allow our summer associates the opportunity to meet and get to know our partners in a less formal setting.

What do I wear to the office?
All of our offices are “business casual” with jeans allowed on Fridays. However, we encourage all summer associates to keep formal business clothes on hand in the event that an interactive client opportunity requiring business attire arises.

Is transportation provided to the firm from school?
We provide reimbursement for round-trip transportation to and from school for out-of-town students.