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Associates looking to build rewarding careers in the law have a wealth of resources at their command at Stroock.

Ensuring you have all the tools, training and support you need to succeed is the mission of our Professional Development Committee. Members of the committee, who represent a cross-section of the firm, are constantly identifying new ways to enrich our associates’ knowledge base while providing access to proven training concepts, classes and CLE courses that help refine skills and build confidence. Even the most experienced partners rely on the PDC to match them with opportunities that keep them ahead of the curve on emerging areas of the law, new technology and the latest industry trends.  

As a Stroock associate, you’ll gain experience through meaningful assignments that frequently cross multiple legal disciplines, allowing you to see the “big picture” and add value to client matters. A Mentoring Program for first- and second-year associates is designed to help launch careers through one-on-one informal and formal guidance. The Mentoring Program also offers women and attorneys of color strategic advice and support to help achieve personal and professional goals.

In addition, ongoing evaluation, regular feedback semi-annual performance reviews, and annual peer and upward reviews conducted by practice groups are designed to advance associates’ professional development and career growth.