A large part of training during the summer program happens organically, as our summer associates become immersed in the work and culture of the program and the firm. Complementing this in-the-moment real-time training are a series of formal training programs. We provide summer associates with the tools they need to enhance their skills. In addition to our ongoing Continuing Legal Education programs, which summer associates are invited to attend over the course of the summer, we have developed a series of training modules specifically designed for our summer associates.

Advanced Legal Writing Seminar
The seminar consists of group sessions, as well as individual discussions, which provide summer associates with an in-depth, one-on-one analysis of their writing to highlight and apply the issues taught in the group portion of the program. 

Depositions Skills Training Seminar
This seminar consists of two lectures, where litigation partners teach summer associates the skills of taking and defending depositions. The lectures are followed by a workshop, where summer associates receive a “case file” and have the opportunity to prepare to examine a “witness.” The seminar concludes with small group discussions, where everyone shares tips and suggestions on the strategies used. 

Mock Deal 

Summer associates, along with the firm's corporate associates and partners, recreate a corporate transaction. Teams are formed to play the roles of the principals in a transaction and their respective counsel. By combining teaching seminars and negotiating and drafting sessions, summer associates gain insight into the intricacies of a deal. 

Mock Trial 

This program offers summer associates the opportunity to participate in and learn the skills and strategies of trial practice. 

Each summer, junior associates from several departments form teams representing the various parties and are assigned “case files.” A week before the trial, the teams engage in a “jury selection” exercise in which volunteers from the non-legal staff are questioned, and ultimately selected as the jurors for the trials. 

In addition to observing, summer associates are selected to be the witnesses at the trials. In character, they are prepared by the lawyers and then testify at the trial. At the trial, litigation partners are present to observe and offer constructive criticism concerning trial practice, strategy and procedure. 

Negotiation Strategies Seminar 

This seminar consists of an all-day session where summer associates learn strategies and techniques to negotiate most effectively, including: 
  • Getting past “no,” when all appears lost 
  • Gaining leverage when seemingly powerless 
  • Deciding when to hold and when to fold (concede) 
  • Succeeding in highly emotional negotiations and dealing effectively with untrustworthy negotiators 

Practice Area Presentations 

Given the limitations of the summer program, we recognize that most summer associates will participate only in discrete parts of a deal or case, limiting the understanding of how things “fit together” inside of a large, commercial law firm. 

To introduce the full capabilities of a firm such as Stroock, summer associates attend a series of seminars presented by lawyers from each department. These presentations are designed to educate summer associates about a particular area of law, our practice here and how that department interacts with (and at times relies upon) other groups, as well as to expose summer associates to a particular area of law that they may not have considered. Presentations are held during the first half of the program to assist summer associates in choosing a group.