Non-Traded REITs

Our Non-Traded REITs practice focuses on helping institutional real estate investment platforms gain access to retail investors. For years, we have been advising real estate managers, who are continually seeking new sources of capital, design and distribute their non-traded REIT products.

With over 100 years of experience representing real estate owners, asset managers and financial institutions, we understand that sponsors are not all equally situated, and that not all sponsors should design their products in exactly the same way. Drawing upon our experience, we guide sponsors through every aspect of non-traded REIT sponsorship and have a long familiarity with:  what resources are needed to run a non-traded REIT, how to bring a deal to market in the shortest amount of time; the competitive landscape; and the legal pitfalls and the ways through them.
We recognize that the business challenges are significant, but that the potential upside from building a durable source of permanent capital can be enormous. By combining our non-Traded REITs practice with our Capital Markets, Bank Regulatory, Real Estate, Tax, ERISA and Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation capabilities, we aim to achieve our highest aspiration, a client that successfully and sustainably builds a permanent capital business, bringing institutional real estate to retail investors.
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