We counsel high-profile galleries, auction houses, museums, international collectors and artists on a wide range of litigation and transactional matters.

Our lawyers guide clients through the complexities of the art world in the areas of authenticity, provenance, appraisals, licensing, consignments, copyrights, art dealers’ duties and rights, bankruptcy and security interests in works of art, lost and stolen works of art, attribution, restitution, private sales, international treaties, misappropriation of artwork, defamation and tax.

In connection with the acquisition, retention and sale of fine art, our team is proficient at drafting and negotiating agreements for art-oriented businesses and individuals. We are a full-service team that provides top-tier counseling and litigation support, with the aim of efficiently resolving our clients’ disputes. Our group also works closely with leading figures in the art world from appraisers to curators to address specific client needs.