"Important Amendment To New York Publication Law"

New York State has enacted legislation (the “New Publication Law”) that, effective June 1, 2006, changes the publication requirements for New York limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships, and similar entities formed outside of New York that qualify to do business in New York (“Covered Entities”). We analyzed the New Publication Law in a previous Stroock Special Bulletin dated February 3, 2006.  The New Publication Law was the subject of much criticism and complaint by the Bar and the business community. As a result, the New Publication Law was amended on May 31, 2006 (the “Amendment”) to remove some of the more objectionable provisions, in addition to slightly modifying some others.

This Stroock Special Bulletin, which supplements the Stroock Special Bulletin dated February 3, 2006, discusses the changes that take effect on June 1st as a result of the Amendment.