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Thomas E. Heftler Receives 2014 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award

Stroock is pleased to announce that Thomas E. Heftler was honored by the New York City Bar Association with a 2014 Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award. Tom, who was with Stroock for nearly 40 years, was a Co-Managing Partner and established and chaired the Diversity Committee. The New York City Bar Association presented the award at the 30th Anniversary Diversity and Inclusion Celebration Dinner on June 18th. The award recognizes the critical role individual attorneys have played in initiating and sustaining change within their organizations and the overall New York legal community. The award recipients embody the New York City Bar's Statement of Diversity Principles, which defines diversity as an inclusive concept, encompassing race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability and marital and parental status.

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