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January 28, 2008

By: Joel Cohen

Not surprisingly, the credibility of the now-famous Mitchell Report that publicly identified 85 baseball players as having used illegal drugs is about to be tested not just in the court of public opinion, but in a real courtroom, as well as in Congress. Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee and their lawyers are already at each others’ litigation throats, Clemens drawing first blood by filing a lawsuit attacking the credibility of McNamee, the “star witness” in the Mitchell Report. The day before he filed his lawsuit, Clemens went public on 60 Minutes to defend himself, presumably to gauge the reaction of an increasingly skeptical public. The House has scheduled public hearings next month at which Clemens, McNamee and other witnesses have been asked to testify, which will inevitably accentuate the harm to players named in the report who “may” be innocent.

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