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October 9, 2012

By: Joel Cohen

The results are in. By virtually every account – most importantly, the public's -- the President lost the first debate. Notably, the adverse reviews aren't about his message. Rather, it was his messaging.  The President will correct. Neither Governor Romney nor we will see the same President Obama next time. Yes, all candidates, incumbent presidents included, sometimes tack during public appearances and debates based on how their earlier remarks came across. Called for here, though, is something altogether different. Next time, the President will look Governor Romney square in the eye. He won't look down at his lectern, sheepishly, indifferently, disdainfully or simply tired, depending on how the different commentators saw it. He won't wait until the next day's rally to counterpunch Romney and his statements of yesterday. The President will be in his opponent's face to confront him. He will change. His supporters demand that and, if he is the least bit introspective, he probably does too.

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