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May 25, 2021

Today we mark the one-year anniversary of the senseless murder of George Floyd. In the wake of Floyd’s death, we saw demonstrations against police brutality and public outcry about systemic racism. We saw individuals reach across racial, socioeconomic, religious and cultural divides in their shared outrage. And we saw Americans from all backgrounds rally, speak out and demonstrate along with veteran Black Lives Matter volunteers.
This outreach and those bonds are important to the hard work of dismantling centuries of systematized discrimination and abuse, but persistence is perhaps most important as deep changes take time to achieve. The conviction of Floyd’s murderer was a momentous step toward justice, but at the same time it was a drop in the well. 
Yes, this is the one-year anniversary of that horrific injustice that the world witnessed on cell phone video. But this May also marks the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre – when the African-American community in that city suffered the deadliest racial attack in our nation’s history. There were no cell phones in 1921, but there is a collective cultural memory for people of color whose families have suffered these types of atrocities – or even lived every day with the fear and apprehension that they would fall victim. 
This is a long war we are waging against bigotry, inequity and injustice. We must gird ourselves and support each other – particularly our colleagues of color who are most impacted by systemic racism – as we continue our commitment to better our nation and its institutions while educating ourselves on allyship. Stroock has a long history of advocating for the disadvantaged; it’s truly been part of our DNA since our beginning. As a firm, we will continue to support and invest in anti-racism trainings, DEI programming and pro bono and charitable work that will further social and racial justice and parity. Public statements are a good and necessary part of fighting injustice, but we are focusing on meaningful investment as well.
We are moving toward a more just society. Some days that movement seems quicker than others, certainly, but we are making headway. Stroock will continue to do its part thanks to this great community of which all of you are part.