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December 18, 2015

City and State

By: Jerry H. Goldfeder

Dr. Ben Carson has threatened to bolt the Republican Party if there is a "brokered" Republican National Convention. I’d like to introduce Carson to Mr. Dooley, a fictional character created by 19th century satirist Finley Peter Dunne. Dooley famously uttered the old saw, "politics ain’t beanbag." What did Carson think he was getting into when he sought the nomination – a genteel debate?

Carson seems to be waking up to the reality that Republican Party pooh-bahs might try to influence the outcome of their national convention. Soon, no doubt, other GOP presidential contenders might similarly discover that a variety of "insiders" may try to exert influence over the 2,500 delegates at the convention in Cleveland next July. Such a tactic would not be unheard of, in fact; although most convention delegates are legally bound to support a candidate, many are not. And delegates who have previously pledged to candidates who have dropped out of the race – whether before or during the convention – are likewise free to vote for whomever they wish, or, perhaps, the choice of their political patrons. There is great potential for a convention dominated by old-fashioned horse-trading.

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