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April 30, 2021

Stroock Podcast

ESG411 Resized web

Last week, in our debut episode of The ESG 411, we discussed the recent activity at the SEC around ESG statements and disclosures – including the call from Acting Chair Herren Lee for public input regarding potential new rules and standards for ESG disclosures, and the SEC’s new ESG enforcement initiative.

This week,  in Episode Two, Stroock attorneys Evan Hudson, Eric Requenez and Rusty Pomeroy focus in on the SEC’s ESG enforcement initiative and provide some thoughts with respect to steps the regulated community should be considering to mitigate enforcement risk. The team will drill down more on:

  • Types of ESG Risk
  • 2010 Guidance/Existing Disclosure Framework
  • Enforcement Initiatives and Examination Priorities 
  • Obstacles to enforcement and tools in the enforcers’ toolkit

Listen to the ESG 411 here.